Home Theater Installation In Central NJ

So you want a Home Theater and are Thinking …


  • Where should I mount the surround sound speakers?
  • Where should I place the television screen?
  • What type of lighting design will provide home theater ambiance?


The pros at Duke Electric will answer these questions so you can start enjoying an optimal movie experience in the comfort of your own home!

Home Theater Installation in Central NJ

Utilizing the latest technology we can:

  • Install Wiring
  • Install Drywall
  • Install Sound Insulation
  • Install Framing
  • Design Surround Sound placement
  • Design Accent Lighting
  • Add Lighting Fixtures & Dimmers
  • Troubleshoot

Home Theater Lighting

Home Theater Lighting creates an ambient environment that motivates friends and family to come to a private residence for a superior movie-going experience. Home theater lighting when done correctly, not only equals the quality of public cinema, but in many respects exceeds it. Home theater lighting accommodates direct control of lighting intensity so the host can dim the room to levels optimal for movie viewing. Sufficient task and accent lighting must remain on to some degree, however, so guests can move freely in and out the room without hazard or inconvenience. This skillful blend of light and darkness takes an expert home automation team like the one that here at Duke Electric.

Every home theater lighting design must also be customized to the personality and lifestyle of the client and properly illuminate the physical floor plan and interior architecture of the audio/visual room itself. In order to guarantee that we can truly deliver a custom solution to every client who comes to us, we have spent many years building relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers of home automation controls, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting equipment. With access to specialties like ceiling lights and wall mounted lights for indirect lighting, we can create an amazing theater experience in your home.

Home Theater Installation In Central NJ